Лето - время отпусков. Ждем вас на наших занятиях в сентябре, а пока чтобы вы не скучали, приглашаем в Онлайн-школу Судзуки "Раскрытие талантов". Обучаем детей их родителей дома.




FINALLY! Pinnacle event of the year 2014!

Dear Friends, you are all invited to the school opening event. Don’t miss! It will be cheerful and interesting! There will be an extraordinary performance. Each will get a gift. Participation in the performance is on the free of charge basis!
Admission by invitation cards!



Attention! The venue of the first Suzuki Music School opening ceremony in Russia is as follows:


We look forward to seeing you on 25 October 2014
at 12:00 at the Children Art Centre "Na Taganke".
Address: Moscow, Rabochaya street, 30 building 1.

Nearest metro station: Ploschad Ilyicha, Rimskaya (5 minutes walk from the metro station along the Rabochaya street.) See location map


Following the performance, an especial conference will take place, where Ms Helen Brunner, one of the first apprentices of Shinichi Suzuki, and also our mentor in the world of Suzuki, will answer all your questions (you can read about Ms Helen Brunner here). She will share her experience and will tell you about the Suzuki Method and its special aspects, as well as about many other things.

Additional information on the phone: +7 (495) 507-18-80. We look forward to seeing you at the event!




FOR THE FIRST TIME IN RUSSIA. A group session led by Ms Helen Brunner.


Ассоциация Судзуки


A unique workshop was held on 24-27 April. For the first time in Russia, a group session was held in accordance with the Suzuki Method. At the seminar, seven children together with our teachers, led by incomparable Helen Brunner, executed some legendary pieces from the Suzuki book. Read further...

Photo report from the workshop here >>>


A unique video from the first group session in accordance with the Suzuki Method in Russia, led by Helen Brunner



Full version here >>>






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